BlackBerry App World 3.0 can be downloaded

Research In Motion (RIM) has finally officially launched the latest version of the application store, the BlackBerry App World 3.0. Previously he was already available, but is still in beta.

In this version a number of changes seen, from start to design a more seamless home screen, new icons and application settings more easily. Here are the new features contained in the BlackBerry App World 3.0 :

  • New Design - The design of the new Blackberry App Word smoother is more easier for users to find the latest applications and content. 
  • New Channels - Applications, Games and Themes now has its own channel so that the user is more easily find what they are looking for. 
  • My Account - Allows user to manage the Blackberry account ID (BBID) them and make payments by direct access from the home screen. 
  • My World - My World gives the user the appearance of a streamlined application and their status. They can also see which applications are installed or uninstalled, including managing content and subscription services. And if the latest update is present, then the user will immediately get a notification. 
  • Social Sharing - Users may be possible to share your favorite applications directly to the BBM (Blackberry Messenger), Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS from the application screen. 
  • App Details Screen - With a quick, user can get summaries, reviews, ratings, up to a screen shot of an application. 
  • More Search Options - search bar (Search Bar) is now available on the home page with search results displayed in the Channel and My World. Users will also be possible to filter the search according to the application name, price, rating, and others. 

BlackBerry users can now download BlackBerry App World 3.0 is free of charge. It works on BlackBerry OS 5.0 and above.

BBM Applications Music Beta

Research In Motion (RIM) Telah merilis aplikasi BBM Music versi beta. Aplikasi ini adalah cara baru bagi para pengguna BlackBerry dalam mendengarkan musik sekaligus berjejaring sosial,RIM pertama kali memperkenalkan aplikasi BBM Music pada akhir Agustus silam. Kini, pembesut BlackBerry tersebut mulai menggelar ketersediaannya bagi semua pengguna handsetnya. Dibanderol USD 5 (sekitar Rp 45 ribuan) per bulan, BBM Music diklaim berbeda dengan layanan musik lainnya. 

Dengan BBM Music, pengguna bisa berbagi lagu yang ada dalam playlist mereka melalui pesan singkat atau BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Ini adalah salah satu upaya RIM menggaet lebih banyak pengguna dan pastinya menyaingi layanan serupa milik Apple. 

setiap pengguna BBM Music bisa mendapatkan 50 lagu yang bisa diposting di profil BBM mereka. Siapa pun teman yang melihatnya, nantinya bisa ikut mendengarkan lagu tersebut. Maka semakin banyak jumlah teman yang dimiliki di BBM Music, akan semakin banyak pula lagu yang bisa didengarkan oleh pengguna. 

"BBM Music adalah layanan social music yang terkoneksi dengan BBM, memungkinkan pengguna BBM dan BlackBerry menemukan, memainkan dan menambah koleksi musik mereka bersama-sama. Dengan kata lain, BBM Music membantu Anda terkoneksi dengan teman dalam lingkup musik," jelas RIM.

Pengenalan BBM Music sendiri dinilai bukan sebagai sebuah terobosan. Namun ini memperlihatkan usaha RIM dalam mengeksplorasi cara baru untuk terkoneksi dengan sesama pengguna BlackBerry. Upaya ini diharapkan bisa mendongkrak prestasinya, bersaing dengan Apple dan smartphone berbasis Android. (detikinet)

Molome Applications on BlackBerry

Photo sharing applications are being loved now. Call Instagram in IOS, PicPlz, Streamzoo, Mytubo in Android seemed to make everyone hypnotized by this new social network. 

One application for the BlackBerry-based photo sharing, Molome also began in gandrungi by BlackBerry users. How do you use? Download this application from the BlackBerry AppWorld. If do not have to download them first BlackBerry AppWorld her here , after it's looking Molome application, install it and wait until finish 

  • Once the application Molome installed, do the new account creation first. 
  • After all is done you asked if you want to tell your friends that you have an account Molome. Can via Twitter and Facebook. 
  • After that, do the settings profile, bio, upload a photo to photo and other profile. 
  • Now you're ready to upload your photos. Use your BlackBerry camera to capture images. 
  • Select an image to be uploaded to the share by clicking the camera icon. 
  • After the selected photo will be uploaded to do the selection effect or filter to your photo interesting. There are several filters that can not be directly used because it requires at least a few dozen pictures can only be used once. 
  • Once it was uploaded. 

Your friends can provide like or provide comments on the images you upload and vice versa. 
Molome application is also already available for Symbian and Android. So if you have a smartphone with Symbian operating system Android and also can directly use the same account. 
Download application Molome from the BlackBerry here.

BlackBerry Secret Codes

Blackberry proved to have a secret code that is not contained in the manual how to use the BlackBerry. Though this cheat is required for various purposes eg: to check whether the purchased is BB unlock or BB lock. And can also be used to see if the BB is purchased new or used, including mobile phones.

  • Changing the symbol rate signal from the bar to hold down ALT + NMLL at home.
  • Viewing Data Usage and Voice Usage: B U R Y type B U T T E R in the [option] -> [Status].
  • Seeing Refld and ServiceUserId: ALT + V I E W Hold ALT + VVIIEWW) when opening messages.
  • Viewing Event Logs Hold ALT + L G L G at home.
  • Displays the Help Me: ALT + CAP + H. Hold ALT + R A C E at home.
  • SIM Card Display information: MEPD (Sure Type: MEPPD) at [options] -> [advanced options] -> [SIM card]. (Also useful for our BB mengecheck whether unlocked or LOCKED. If UNLOCKED, all must be DISABLED. If anyone who ENABLE, is still LOCKED).
  • Shortcut to another menu Press ALT + ESC.
  • Soft reset press Alt + Cap + Del.
  • Application switcher hold down ALT + BACK.

Some Code Blackberry

Same as another smart handphone, Blackberry have many code that used for reset, restart blackberry without release battery, format memory blackberry, multitasking, etc. All in your own risk, I’m only give what I know. The following are examples of some code blackberry :
  • Left SHIFT + Right ALT + DEL : master reset Blackberry, Press & Hold them until LCD swithed off and red blinking LED. Remember, all your data in the phone will be lost..
  • ALT + Right SHIFT + DEL : Restart blackberry without release the battery, that functioned t refresh memory or to configure after installing an application.
  • On home screen, press ALT and follow ‘LGLG‘, event log displayed. After that step you can press HOME and choose CLEAR LOG. This code fonctioned to clear Log.
  • Same as your PC, you can jump to the other application. ALT + TAB n your PC, on Blackberry press ALT + ESC.

Free Software For Your BlackBerry

  • Blackberry Messenger (Free)
Blackberry Messenger (BBM) is probably the first application that you see when buying a BlackBerry. The application of this fuel is definitely there when you first turn on the Blackberry. You'll want to immediately upgrade this application when you first use it. With this application, you can communicate with other Blackberry users after you have exchanged your PIN. The application also provides the feature Group Messaging (BB Group) for messaging activities in groups. This feature also is becoming a trend among Blackberry users in Indonesia.
  • Yahoo Messager (Free)
Second messenger application must possess is Yahoo Messenger. We call it a "Messenger million faithful". This application is important because you still can connect with other users who do not use a Blackberry.
  • Facebook (Free)
Likes to communicate with friends in a virtual world? You must install this application into your BlackBerry. Indeed, not much can be done in the BlackBerry Facebook application. You can only read the News Feed, update status, upload photos, make comments, and read inbox.
  • Twitter for Blackberry and Uber Twitter (Free)
If you are one who likes to write and communicate status via Twitter, the two applications is also worth to install. Through this application, you can not only write 140 characters long, but can also upload photos with just one click. Both of these applications have the features of each which you can easily communicate. Uber Twitter on, you can have a ReTweet syle: tweet post-is or add a few comments on the tweet in question. You can also do a "mute" for the user that you deem tweet-tweet it disturbing. Meanwhile, on Twitter for Blackberry, you are not able to comment on a tweet that you want to ReTweet. The solution, you can use the feature "Quote Tweet" and put RT in front of the tweet in question. However, you need to remember that not every tweet should you ReTweet, especially if there was just general conversation. Both of these applications must provide the feature "Reply" to help your small talk with friends.
  • Google Map (Free)
If you do not want to get lost, Google Map application is important to include in your BlackBerry. You can find the address and path to your destination. If you have a BlackBerry with GPS feature, the BlackBerry with A-GPS also can still be used to show your location. But unfortunately, the A-GPS does not provide location information as accurately as Google Map. With this application, you can even mark important places, such as location of offices and residences of the most important person so you do not have to bother re-enter an address if it is needed.
  • Shazam (Free 5 tag/4.99USD unlimited tags)
Maybe you want to know the information you hear the song being. For example, there is one song on the radio you want to know the title. Shazam application can provide that information. The trick, simply hold your Blackberry and then press the Tag button. In a relatively fast, the song you are referring to will be detected.
  • QuickPull (Free)
This application will be very useful to restore your BlackBerry into "healthy". As we know, after the use of a period of time, your BlackBerry will decline "stamina". This is because the number of cache to swell. QuickPull will close the application that is not covered and will clear the cache so that your BlackBerry will be more "healthy". This application can even schedule the restart according to the hours that you nominate.
  • Document to Go (Free trial/14.99USD)
You can not use the Office applications on the computer like this gadget. However, you can use Doc to Go to open a file type. Doc. You can also do editing through this application. In addition, in the sales package, you will also get other applications, such as the Slide to Go, Sheet to Go, and a bonus PDF (read only)
  • unrar (4.99 USD) and Ziplorer (9.99USD)
Are you often confused opening a compressed file in an email attachment? It looks like you have to install this application to open a RAR or ZIP files. Both of these applications will open automatically when you try to access the RAR or ZIP files. Of course, to be able to open it, you have to extract it first.
  • BBTrans (Free)
The application of this one certainly will be very useful for those who frequently take a trip to a country you do not understand the language. This application can translate 64 languages ​​(Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Bahasa, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc.). You just choose the translation process (from language A to language B) and then type the word you are referring to in the bar provided. The word that you type will be translated into the language you want.